Marketing to children is very important as they have the power to influence their parents to buy the particular product they want to have. In today’s date, children have their decision-making power that they can easily classify what is good for them. When marketers focus on children they know to get to know about the choices and interests. Very creative advertisements and graphics that will fascinate the child to have that product, this type of strategy are used by the marketers.

For example, if there is a product that is a food item with a toy in it. Then the markets will show huge advertisements with graphics and motion that will play with kid’s psychology. Children watch television everyday then this will bring the children to watch the advertisement and think of it. If children love any product then they have the power to influence their parents to buy it. Parents will for sure pamper their child and buy that product so this keeps a chain in the children’s marketing. Sometimes it is useful for parents too, to think which product is best for their child. So children’s marketing plays an important role in marketing.

Behavior targeting is the strategy used by the marketers that will study the behavior of the child that the ads will get posted to the platform from where the interest was received. This is all possible with the assistance of the web. Children nowadays know about the internet and they can access it very easily from their parent’s smartphones. Therefore there are particular sections on social sites for children that they can visit and get something for them. 

Street marketing is also a big factor for children in marketing as it will catch the child’s attention towards them with high graphics and motion videos to make the kid look for it.