Marketing vs Advertising

The concept of marketing and advertising is confusing for some people. They don’t have a clear picture of both these strategies. Marketing is a procedure that includes planning, research, selling, and promotional activities of a product or a service. Advertising is the strategy that marketers use to deliver the promotional message to connect with the target audience and generate more sales.

To explain the differences more broadly, here are some points that will give a clear your doubts about the marketing and advertising:

  1. Marketing uses both a pull and push approach to attract the customers towards the product and push them to purchase the product. Whereas, advertising uses only a push strategy to make the customers interested in buying the product
  2. Marketing has a different subcategory like Public Relations, sales, market research, communication, and so on. Though, advertising is the subcategory that falls under marketing strategy that focuses on the communication between the company and the customers.
  3. Advertising is a creative method that focuses on communicating morals to customers. These values are related to the company’s goal. These are just one line slogans but very attractive like ‘Desh ka namak’- Tata Namak, and so on. While marketing, creatively tries to create a holistic process across all the departments for the well-being of the customers.
  4. Advertising aims in brand recall, to introduce the product, and communicate with its target audience. Although, marketing objectives are to increase the sale of the brand, advertise the brand, building brand image, researching new products, and competitor’s activity.

In today’s time, both marketing and advertising is crucial for a brand to have a stable position in the marketplace as well as in the customer’s mind. Both the process focuses on targeting the existing and potential customers for a brand to gain more profit.