Taking a look back at the marketing trends in the 2010s decade

The start of a new decade offers one an opportunity to look back, reflect, and take stock. From big data to the centricity of consumers and content marketing, these are some of the overarching shifts that took place in the 2010s for marketers.

Big Data

Marketers and companies looked into new ways of harnessing the huge chunks of data that were being collected by agencies and eventually democratized by the internet. This made way for new standards of data segmentation and personalization. This growing focus on data opened routes for technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation to play substantial roles in marketing.

Content strategy

A seat had already been taken by content marketing by the start of the decade. And in ten years, an increase in the production of the content without proper strategies has made way for oversaturation. It has also caused a grave imbalance between quantity and quality. For the upcoming decade, priorities need to be set on factors such as the distribution of content, improving measurement, and audience quality.

Live streams and videos

In the past decade, internet speeds were on the rise. That paved way for video streaming to become common and accessible. The need for content on these platforms is huge and has become more prominent with the rise in the usage of mobile phones. This can be well correlated with the rise in the number of users on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Twitch launched in 2011 and currently has more than 15 million daily users. Even though videos have gained great traction, it seems like the peak is still yet to come.

Consumer empowerment

The ease of access to information on the internet led to people researching more on their own and not just relying on advertisers to get to know about products and services. Therefore, consumers grew more independent in making purchase decisions. As e-commerce websites became more prominent, this independence gained further traction.