Droom has become a buzzing online platform for buying and selling new and used cars in recent times. The company entered Indian markets in the year 2014 but back then it kept struggling to establish a positive image in the minds of the audiences. Even with TVCs and offline campaigns the brand was still lagging behind in some key areas.

When Droom representatives approached our agency, there were many loopholes that needed close attention and expertise. We started with the brand’s social and online presence for which we inspected their website. The company’s webpage droom.in was loaded with products and featured very less consumable content which resulted in lowering their SEO rank. To solve this issue we suggested them SEO friendly content and blogs for their website.

400+ blogs were written and uploaded within a span of 30 days, this helped improved their SEO ranking. We covered all the entities (like droom.in, OBV (orangebookvalue.com), ecoinspection.in and droom.in/history) under Droom in the process. Our blogs contained information about cars, bikes and scooters dating from the early 1990s to 2018. We also provided them with engaging blogs written on topics like vehicle care, registration and purchase. All these article contained keywords required for high ranking on search engines. In the later phase we developed digital PR strategies for the company which increased their credibility and brand awareness among the masses. The articles were featured on reputed websites and publications The Quint, Thrustzone, LicensetoDrive, Carzgarage, Shifting Gears, Motorworld, CarKhabri to name a few.