In the spirit of Diwali, we fail to pay heed to the health of our planet, and without a moment of hesitation we continue with our celebrations without considering the harm it is causing our environment in the long run.

Today, technology has taken the wheel and given us access to hordes of information about the world. With access to all this information, we have come a long way since our caveman days, but forgotten our roots in the process. We have sullied the very thing that has sustained us since the beginning. With pollution levels rising and the ozone layer depleting, we have poisoned the air we breathe and the water we drink. But Mother Earth is forgiving, and it isn’t too late to reform ourselves.

While most digital campaigns focus on the positive side of Diwali, sunSTRATEGIC – being on top of the digital media game- is asking you to make a conscious choice to save our planet. With the passing of time, Diwali has become more about bursting crackers without any regard for the well-being of our animal friends nor the environment. This festive season, we are spreading awareness and urging YOU to DO IT RIGHT, to CHOOSE your present or WE ALL LOOSE the future.