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Things to do with Your Best Friend at Work

Spell work and for most of the people, you spell drudgery in the same line.
Spell work and best friends in the same line, and you’d have us on a somersaulting spree, to the ends of the rainbow.
There’s nothing equivalent to having your best friend work at the same office space as you. Even the most boring of works is fun as you complete it, chuckling over lame quips (and a cuppa coffee!) Be it a bad day at office, or an argument with a colleague, rest assured, your best friend will always have your back.

Here’s a couple of things which automatically happen when you and your best friend share the same job:

  1. Discover new lunching spots nearby
    Every work place comes with own set of a locality full of nooks and crannies, just waiting to be explored. There’s the nukkad cutting chai maker, or that one shop which makes the whole street have a foodgasm with the mere whiff of their pav bhaji! Discover your own favorites as you saunter about, traversing the length and breadth of alleys full of vendors selling mouth watering food.
  2. Plan the weekend in advance
    Because who even cares about work on Friday?
    The last working day of the week definitely calls for a humungous discussion on the crucial/paramount/momentous question – ‘What to do over the week?’ With your best friend and you at the same place, chalk out you plans and spend your weekends amidst laughter, gaiety and fun!
  3. Discover new hide outs
    Apart from lunch places, places around your posh office place are bound to be full of lairs waiting to be explored. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to explore. Arrive an hour earlier and depart an hour late, but by golly! make sure no nook and crannies remain bereft of your critical eyes!
    As J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Fellowship of the Ring rightly says, “Not all those who wander are lost.”
  4. Make the dual lethal combination count
    One’s too less, and three’s too much, but two’s just the right amount to get scot free from the boss’s censure. With your best friend around, you can rely to quite an extent, on her, and vice versa, secure in the knowledge that your computer isn’t the only one with a backup!build-relationships-coworkers
  5. Plan Pranks
    Any social media agency or consultant worth their salt are very specific in their social media services like the number of posts to be done in a week, the hike in followers and likes, content type etc. Also, outsourcing your digital accounts ensures there’s someone who’d own responsibility rather than just helplessly watch the numbers decline or stay stuck at a nondescript number.

There’s no better time to have fun than now! Work your ass off, party through your weekends and make memories. Take pictures because a moment gone past is a moment you’d never have back! Choose a job you’re crazy about (and yes! sunSTRATEGIC is proof that it’s possible!) Love what you do, and you’d have lived a life you love. Cheers!


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