The term higher education means when a person goes abroad to study. Many wealthy parents want to send their children to a prestigious college so that their children end up getting a better footing in their careers. The thing is, it is not affordable. This article will discuss why some parents don’t want their children to learn in India and send them abroad to get higher education. 

Why some parents in India want to send their children abroad to study?

Higher education fees are high as compared to the ones taken in the country. In a country like India, getting admission prestigious is not easy, especially if one is opting for government colleges’ seats. It is quite hard to crack the exam for admission. One doesn’t have any option other than to go to private colleges/universities and pay the exorbitant fees. Especially for people going to a different city or country, they have the additional burden of paying for either a hostel or renting an apartment as PG. Many people cannot even begin to pay such large sums of money for a three to a four-year degree. At this point, a single degree has no value. After a bachelor’s degree, one must have a Masters/MBA or Ph.D. must enter the competitive job market.

Is a degree from a higher educational institution a solution? 

Unemployment is on the rise in India. Many people have had a hard time getting employed. ‘Experience needed’ has become a universal phenomenon. Since experience seemingly has more value than many degrees, many people opt for jobs right after school to prevent the burden of education loans on themselves or their parents. Many parents think that if their child has a degree from a prestigious institute, their child may not face any trouble finding a job. Several institutes even promise job placement after completing studies, which is quite an alluring thought for many.