Many people think that the internet is responsible for destroying the traditional paper trade. You will be surprised to know in the mid-1990s, the newspaper industry was flourishing with top-notch journalism and ad pages. After this time, the general public started to use the internet, and printing began to take its back seat.

The popularity of newspapers started to decline between 1980 and 1995. It has been on the decline at the same rate till now. People these days get their news from the internet as it’s more instantaneous than waiting for a whole day to get the paper. The internet is more instant than newspapers and everyone in this day and age want their information fast and without any wait. As a result, more people use the internet as the most potent and effective tool

In our fast-changing world, the internet is becoming a crucial part of people’s lives. The internet may have instant news, but it can also share fake or unreliable news since anyone can access the internet. Also, anyone can post about any news without checking if it’s true or not. As long as this issue exists, newspapers will continue to exist, at least in a small volume.

The internet may be more relevant than the newspapers, but it is still not accurate. There’s so much news online on one topic that you need to make the right decision to find the right news to read. On the other hand, it takes many efforts on the part of writers to write a newspaper. Journalists need to get news, construct an article about the topic according to them, and make it understandable. Thus, it is more trustworthy to read newspapers than the internet because of the newspaper journalist’s credibility.

The internet may be the go-to for quick interest news like celeb gossip, but for more heavy topics like politics and world issues, a small majority will always prefer newspapers.