Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has always been outspoken about the issues that people of color face and the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. Discrimination against people of color does not just manifest itself in harsh words and inhumane acts but the micro-aggression can be seen in things like the lack of foundation shades for different skin types. Most beauty products used to cater to a few shades of skin color considered the norm and held as beautiful in the industry. With their primary aim being a cosmetic line that caters to people of every shade, they have launched products that cover the entire shade spectrum and no one is left feeling like an outsider.  

Dove is another such brand which has changed their strategy and revamped their message once they found their true voice. Instead of appealing to the masses and promising that using products of Dove will make them beautiful, it now promotes that beauty comes in all shapes, forms, sizes and colors while the only thing Dove does is, maintains and complements that beauty by nurturing it gently. Their messages have been consistent in spreading body positivity and making people feel beautiful in their own skin. The brand has even stopped endorsing celebrities and instead choose small-scale models and even regular people from all backgrounds to show that there is beauty in every walk of life.

Billie is a body care and razor brand that has given up on reaching the masses, instead, they have focused their mission on taking a stand on social issues and stigmas against body hair and just how different types of bodies are perceived. The brand is all about being body positive and real to the core. They don’t shy away from showing real hair, unlike other brands who explore only the elegant side of things. Billie discovered their voice and have been using it since by instilling confidence and positivity in young women especially those who often get insecure due to the strict beauty standards that exist in society.